VAST TMAs and club memberships will only
be available online directly from VAST.

Clubs will no longer receive stickers and be responsible for there distribution and collection of fees.
Online TMAs were an option for previous years and will now be the new norm.
If you were a previous VAST member last year, you will receive a VAST ID number.
This ID will aid your application process by preloading your previous season’s information.
You will be able to edit this info if there is a change of address or a different sled etc.
Please check that all info is correct and edit if needed.
Not a previous member and no ID, you will just need to enter all your information.
Before you start, you will need your new and currant snowmobile registration.
You will be asked to provide proof of this registration.

If you are using a personal computer, you will need to upload your registration to a file, either picture or scan,
to upload when prompted. Using a tablet or smartphone with camera will allow one to take a picture when prompted.
You will be asked as a returning member if you wish to remain with the previous club or chose a new one.

We hope you will remain with the Orleans Snowstormers if you were a member last year.
New members or those wishing to join another club can chose the county and club they wish.
Please consider choosing Orleans County and Orleans Snowstormers.
TMA prices and classes are the same as last year.
Early Bird and family discounts are available October 1st through December 15th.
Fees will include TMA, Club and County dues and a processing fee.
ALL CLUB and COUNTY fees will be $30.00, processing fee will be $5.00.
There are options for other donations or contribution should one desire.
You will need to pay with a credit card or e-check.
Once your application is submitted, you will receive confirmation in a temporary TMA by email that
you can print or carry on your smartphone.
Sticker for all except 3-day pass will be mailed directly from VAST within 10 days,
3-day pass will only receive email confirmation, print or carry on phone.
We believe the majority of people will not have an issue with this process.
Those who are not familiar with this technology, we will help you navigate the process.
We will use our PC if needed. Call us at (802)334-6179 if you need help.
You can also access the VAST tutorial videos on the VAST web.

To join and receive your TMA or for tutorial videos: www.vtvast.org.

 Click to Download VAST Help Forms.