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Trail Conditions


April 2, 2019 Trails in the Orleans area are down to dirt and grass. Out of respect for our landowners and the safety of snowmobilers, we are closing our trail system for the season. Please respect our landowners by staying off the trails and remember that their permission was for snowmobiling only and any other use without landowner consent is TRESSPASSING. Many thanks to all our groomer operators and the volunteers that made our trails what they were this year. If you enjoyed them, let us know. CLOSED FOR THE SEASON
March 29, 2019 Well folks, here's the story. Temps in the 40's and light rain for today, Saturday and Sunday. Trails in the Orleans area are thin and dirt is showing. Those will be done this weekend. Trails in the elevations like Westmore still have a lot of snow, getting there will be the problem. Temps expected to be warm with more rain next week. Grooming operations done for the season. Will reevaluate this over the weekend, look for trails to be closed some time soon. Please respect our landowners if we close trails by not trying to ride on them. We do not recommend riding in the Orleans area.



March 24, 2019 Groomer was out yesterday during the day to pack and move downed trees and snow hangers so snowmobiles could go through, Drag was not used as snow was to wet to groom efficently. Drag was hooked up and groomer sent out at 8.00pm as colder temps made grooming possible. We will continue to groom nights as long as the weather allows. We have used up our VAST contract funding two weeks ago as our 9.8 week contract is obviously not long enough for a winter that we have experienced this season. This creates an unplaned finacial burden on our club, but we will do our best to provide snowmobilers the greatest experience as long as the weather and the local trail pack allows. GREAT SPRING CONDITIONS
March 21, 2019 Spring conditions are here. Last week's warm spell has left trails in the lower elevation thin and opened up water holes. Higher elevation trails still nice and at this time all our trails are ridable. Watching weather in the next few days, possible rain and wet snow with colder nighttime temps at the begin of the week. Groomer will go only if the temps go below freezing.


Thin in lower elevations,

roads down to dirt.

March 14, 2019 Groomer has been out cleaning up trails after last weekend's heavy traffic and the snow we received Monday. Weather forecast is calling for temps into upper 40s today and low 50s Friday with good chance of rain showers. Chance of rain showers and 40s on Saturday with cool down coming in Sunday. Groomer will be parked until the weather goes down below freezing and we can observe any rain damage to our trail system. Next week looks like temps above freezing daytime and below freezing at night. Grooming operations wiil continue as conditions permit.



March 7, 2019 Our PRINOTH HUSKY and MOGUL MASTER drag continue to run on a regular schedule and the cold nights have been beneficial to firm up the trails. Groomer will continue as long as conditions allow. Friday and Saturday look like perfect riding days, Sunday's weather forecast is calling for mixed precipitation and rain showers. Get out and enjoy while it lasts. EXCELLENT!!!
March1, 2019 It has been a busy week cleaning up trails and snow drifts from early week wind storms. Our HUSKY has been rolling on a regular schedule and the cold nights have firmed up the trails. Weekend weather is calling for temps around 30-34 and light snow showers, perfect for snowmobiling. Come and enjoy the best of the season. EXCELLENT!!
February 21, 2019 Rode 107 miles on Wednesday, trails in Orleans County are FANTASTIC!! Snowstormers's HUSKY continues to run on a regular schedule. Received a few inches of snow on Wednesday night with temps in the mid-30s for Thursday. Friday and Saturday look like will be great days for riding, Sunday's forecast calls for warm-up with possible rain showers. Take advantage of the first part of the weekend, best conditions this season. Excellent!!
February 14, 2019 We have received 8 inches+ of new snow. Our PRINOTH HUSKY and FIFTH WHEEL MUGAL MASTER has been out all day yesterday and evening and covered all our trails. The groomer will be out this evening and will continue as conditions allow. Expect loose snow conditions as it will take time for the sleds and groomer to work all the air out of the snow so it will firm up decently. Be mindful that their are pockets of ice underneath this snow, so use caution especially in corners. Weather is calling for a period of possible mixed precipitation Friday with temps falling back below freezing Friday evening. Weekend is looking good, so enjoy!! VERY GOOD WITH SOME ICE
February 7, 2019 We are monitoring the weather very closely as we are in the second part of a week warmup. HUSKY and FITH-WHEEL MOGUL MASTER drag were out all day into the evening Wednesday cleaning trails, taking advantage of a brief cool down. Forecast for next two days are for warm temps and possible rain/freezing rain. Colder temps will return for Saturday with highs only in the teens. We are asking people to wail till then to use the trails as to protect the base. Please be aware that there is now a lot of ice on the trails and you must slow down a use caution. There will also be thin and bare spots.



January 31, 2019 Cold weather we received last weekend has solidified all the water spots, We received 6" of fluffy snow on Tuesday night to help fill in all the ice spots. Groomer has been running a full schedule and trail are really shapeing up nice. Calling for temps in the teens, low twenties and snow flurries for the weekend. Time to ride, WINTER IS BACK. VERY GOOD TO EXCELLENT!!
January 25, 2019 Yesterday we received rain and 40 degree weather. We shut grooming down the last two nights as it would have just made a mess. Freezing temps came back last night, currently 20 degrees and we should be back in business tonight. Be cautious as there might still be water in some areas. Your best bet for riding would be Saturday and Sunday as temps tonight are expected around the 0 degree mark and should gell everything good. Don't forget Saturday, NICHOLAS GAGE POKER RUN!!! Check our Facebook for info on this fun filled event GOOD TO VERY GOOD
January 17, 2019 Groomer has been running a regular schedule, every night. Cold temps and small snow events have helped a lot. Trails are in nice shape even though there are still some thin spots. Weekend weather forecast is calling for a winter snow storm with considerable snow. We will upgrade conditions after the snow storm. Come out and enjoy!! GOOD TO VERY GOOD!!
January 10, 2019 Operators have been in our HUSKY since 6.00am this morning. Another operator is in it tonight, and we plan to send it out again tommorow. We have received 6 inches plus of much needed snow and conditions have improved vastly. There are still some thin spots but they are VERY RIDABLE. Pleas use care as some areas are still early riding conditions. FAIR TO GOOD/EARLY SEASON
January 8, 2019 We are opening our trails under low snow conditions. A few of our members have been out looking at our trails and report that although thin in some areas, other spots have reasonable snow. We will evaluate later this week if we have enough snow to support grooming operations before the weekend. Please use EXTREEM CAUTION as this is early season conditions.

OPEN with early season conditions.


January 4, 2019 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! The temp swings continues. We did receive some cold temps that has frozen things up. Yesterday's snow brought us a few inches of snow. Alot of our trails in farmers feild were down to just about nothing and while those few inches help, we really need another 6-8 inches to start going again. We are watching a storm coming in next week and hopeing for some much needed snow. Out of respect for our landowners and the safety of snowmobilers, our trails remain closed. CLOSED!!
December 28, 2018 Conditions have not changed in the last week. Cold temps have help freeze trail base but trails remain closed for lack of snow. We are experiencing a warmup and some rain today. We need a major snow event to open trails again. CLOSED!!
December 22, 2018 The rain and warm weather we have received has greatly reduced our snowpack and flooded feilds. In respect for our landowners and the saftey of snowmobilers, we are closing our trails. We will need freezing temperatures and significant snow to open them again. We will reevaluate our conditions in the coming week. CLOSED!
December 21, 2018 Not much has changed in the past week. We received some colder temps and 1to2 inches of snow in most areas. However, we are receiving rain today with temps in the high 40's with more forcasted for Saturday. We will need a return of colder temps and significant snow to resume grooming operations. We will post as soon conditions improve. Merry Christmas to all and to all, Happy Holidays!! Very poor, riding not advisable
December 15, 2018 Trails open on the 16th, Sunday. Do not try to ride Saturday the 15th. All our trails have been panned, Some areas have decent snow conditions while other areas are thin. There is standing water and mud in many areas as the ground was not frozen underneath. Thin areas have hazards, rocks and need more snow and cold temps. The wetland area in Westmore is not advisable for riding. There is a small logging operation on VAST 5 south of OS-14. There is a working construction site on VAST 14 South of OS-ll. Please use EXTREEM CAUTION if you chose to ride. Please respect our landowners and volunteers who work so hard to bring you your snowmobiling passion. STAY ON THE TRAIL. Riding not advisable
December 16, 2018 Trails officially open today weather permitting.