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Trail Conditions


March 23. 2023 Due to today's rain and the warm weather this week, we are closing our trail system for the season. We would like to thank, most importantly, our landowners for the privilege of using their property to establish this trail system. Also our volunteers for their efforts to maintain and groom this system for all to enjoy. We hope you have enjoyed our trails and will come back next season. CLOSED!!
March 21, 2023 Out cleaning up some of our trails yesterday. Decent conditions in the upper elevations, however the lower areas have become thin with bare and muddy spots. We have down graded our trails to yellow(low snow conditions). We have closed 58 between OS-11 and OS-12. This is the section that goes through Orleans and the snow is just about gone, just a muddy mess by the interstate bridge and no longer safe to travel. We have also closed a section of 5 from OS-14 to the Gap as the "Trail from Hell" and beach area are no longer passable. We will most likly close the rest of our system later this week as weather is calling for temps in the high 40s by Thursday with rain. Enjoy the next few days as it is coming to an end. Good to poor
March 16, 2023 We have received 10+ inches of new wet snow. HUSKY has been out Tuesday night and all day Yesterday to open up trails. Conditions are the best all season. The forecast for Friday into Saturday is for possible rain. We will contnue to groom as conditions allow. Next week is forcasted in the 40s and sun, it won't last long. ENJOY!! Most is very good with some muddy areas still present.
February 24, 2023 What a disappointment this past storm has been, The forcasted 8-12 inches materialized as 3-4 inches. Out in the groomer all day yesterday. Areas in Brownington, Charleston and Westmore where the trail base held up supprisingly well, came out decent. However, in areas that were down to grass and mud, just not enough snow to do any good. We have opened up sections of 58 east of the OS-89 junction, 58/5 from OS-16 to OS-15. 5 from OS-15 south through Westmore to Burk's trails and a section of 16 from OS-14 to Evansville. This is to provide access to points north through Derby and Brighton. The 'Trail from Hell' is passible and while the beach area has little snow, areas leading to it are decent. Trails in Orleans, Barton and Irasburg area remain closed as simply not enough snow. Because of these low snow and dangerous ice conditions, groomer will be parked untill we receive substantial snow.

Opened section, fair to good.

Other sections, closed

February 9, 2023 After being down for hydraulic issues, HUSKY has been out Tuesday night and Wednesday to clean up most of our trails. Water bars are opening up again and the lack of new snow has left trails pretty thin in some areas. Some sections are great. Forecast is for warm weather and rain, that will most likely bring some of our trail system to a standstill. The 'Trail from Hell' is NOT recommended for future riding unless we receive a cold stretch and more snow, Sorry to be the bearer od bad news, but it is what it is and definitely out of our control. We will post any changes as they develop. Good to early season
February 2, 2023 Trails are shaping up nice in most areas. We still have some water/mud spots as the warmer temps have made it difficult to fill, A little thin in some areas, but all ridable. The 'Trail from Hell' is the most challenging spot, but with the colder temps forecast this weekend should hopefully freeze that too. Ride to the right, ride safe and PLEASE stay on the marked trails. Good to fair early season.
January 25, 2023 GOOD NEWS! We are opening some trails in the Orleans area linking up with the Glover club and a section in the Charleston area for folks to get out towards the east. These are pretty thin in most areas with muddy sections and open water bars. PLEASE use extreme caution using these sections, we don't want anybody to get hurt. If we get the snow forecasted for later today and tommorrow, we will be out and hope to open the rest of our trails in time for the weekend and the NICHOLAS GAGE POKER RUN. Stay tuned for the latest exciting trail news on this page and the VAST trails page. VAST trail page map will show what is open and what is still closed. Open sections, early season conditions, Other sections are closed.
January 20, 2023 We have received 4-5 inches of new snow overnight and the forecast is for 1-2 more today. We are closely monitoring conditions and hope we can start panning operations tomorrow. Weather forecast is calling for more snow for begining of the week and maybe more during the week. As we begin, please remeber to WAIT until clubs open their trails for riding. We should be able to do this after the weekend if the weather does what is forecasted. Please do not attempt to ride before we have had a chance to prep the trails. THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN SAFTEY. Watch our Facebook page or the VAST Trails page for up to date information on trail conditions. CLOSED until further notice.
December 18, 2022 Our winter storm has come and gone. Although areas in Orleans and Irasburg received 12 inches of snow, areas to the northeaset including Brownington, Charleston and Westmore received only marginal 6 to 8 inches. The snow is very wet and does not pan good. We are waatching for colder temps and further possible accumulations later this week in hopes it will provide enough snow to begin grooming operations. Weather is calling for another storm late this week, unfortunately temps in the 40s and rain. PLEASE REMEMBER,trails will remain closed until there sufficient snow to open and groom a reasonably safe snowmobiling experience. Please be patient and PRAY FOR SNOW!! TRAILS REMAIN CLOSED
December 16 , 2022 Trails will open on the 16th, depending on snow cover. We will not open trails unless there is a substancial amount of snow to support grooming and riding. Please check our Trails Report page, our Facebook or the VAST Trails condition link for up to date trail conditions Closed until snow conditions allow opening of trails