Reported Date

Trail Conditions


March 19, 2021 Last weekend's few inches of snow and cold temps did very little to help our trails. Looking at the extended forecast for 50 degree days for the upcoming week, it is obvious that we are done for the season. We wish to thank everyone that joined our club this year and invite you to come back next season. Thanks also go out to the landowners that graciously allowed us to use their land for our trail system. Our volunteers and our excellent crew of groomer operators who provided the best under whatever conditions they encountered. Be sure to check back as we will post various ubdates in the off season to keep everyone aware of up-coming changes and news. CLOSED FOR THE SEASON!!
March 12, 2021 Went out this morning to check trails. A week of warm temps reaching 60 degrees has left our trails bare and muddy. Out of consideration for landowners property and the safety of snowmobilers, we are closing our trail system. Although the elevations may still have ridable conditions, it all leads to lower areas that are not suitable for riding. Trails will remain clossed unless we receive colder temps and 6+ inches of new snow, ALL TRAILS CLOSSED!!
March 4, 2021 Last weekend's warm-up and rain has left trails in the Orleans area thin and icy. Trails out of town and in the elevations are hard but in great shape. HUSKY has been out daily cleaning and smoothing trail conditions. Please slow down, especially in corners as there is considerable icy spots to consider. As always, please respect our landowners by staying on the trail. A reminder that there will be a logging operation starting on corridor 16 between OS-132 and OS-14. Watch for signs. ICY AND THIN TO VERY GOOD
Fwbruary25, 2021 Warm temps have soften up our trails. HUSKY has been out smoothng trails and will continue as long as temperatures allow us to operate. The weekend is calling for a warmup with temps into the 40s, groomer will roll only if temps go down below freezing. There will be a logging operation beginning tthe first week of March on VAST corridor 16 between the Kittredge road and Town road 16 east of Evansville. Watch for signs and please slow down. Please stay on the trail and exercise prudent judgement when riding. GOOD TO VERY GOOD
February 18, 2021 We have received 4 inches of new snow.HUSKY has been out nightly working this much needed snow and the cold temps are providing improved conditions. Another round of light snow expected Friday. Trails are the best yet this season


PLEASE stay on trails!!

Fwbruary 11, 2021 The small snow events and cold temps have greatly improved our trail system. We have parked the early season Awesome drag and are now pulling the Mogul Master unit. Groomer has been out on a full schedule and conditions are great, 'Trail from Hell' is in decent shape and it should be a great Valentine's weekend. Please remeber there are other snowmobillers on the trail. Slow down, stay in control, STAY ON THE TRAIL and STOP at all crossings. ENJOY!!


Sill some thin spots!

February 6, 2021 With the new snow and the anticipated traffic for the Free Weekend, the HUSKY will be out on a double shift Saturday. Watch for it and give the operators a BIG thumps up!! GOOD TO VERY GOOD
February 4, 2021 We have received 6-8 inches of new snow on our trail system. This will give us the much needed new snow to fill in the low spots and rough areas. The 'Trail from Hell' is frozen in nicely and this new snow will improve conditions there greatly. The groomer will be out processing this new snow. Slow down, stay to the right and for God's sake, stay on the trails. FAIR TO VERY GOOD!!
January 27,2021 Our trails opened last week. Groomer has been out on a limited scedule as snow coverage in some areas is very thin. Some sections are in nice shape. Other areas simply need more snow to cover all the obstacles. 'Trail from Hell' in westmore is freezing in decently. Our trails are very ridable but are early season conditions. Use caution at all times. PLEASE STAY ON MARKED TRAILS AND STOP AT ALL STOP SIGNS. SOME CLUBS HAVE RECENTLY LOST TRAILS BECAUSE OF THESE ISSUES. Help us keep our trails. EARLY SEASON CONDITIONS, Use caution