We would like to Thank You for choosing the Orleans Snowstormers as your snowmobile club this past season. Your support is a very important part of our efforts to maintain the best possible riding experience in our section of the Northeast Kingdom. Our club, with the efforts of our neighboring clubs, work hard to make Orleans County a premier riding destination. At this time, we would like to invite you to join us again for another fun filled snowmobiling season. With this letter we have included TMA forms with the latest information for obtaining your TMA and Orleans Snowstormers membership. If you need more forms, you can copy or find them on our website. No computer!! Just give us a call and we will mail you some. You can fill these forms out in the comfort of your home at your available time and mail them to us. TMA stickers and membership will be mailed back within 10 days, providing you have filled in all the required information. MAKE SURE THAT YOU filled out all the information requested including birth date MAKE SURE THAT YOU SIGN THE FORM. You also need to send a copy of your current 2020 registration for each sled. Incomplete forms will be mailed back as all information is needed and important. You can also find forms and info on our club website (www.orleanssnowstormers.com) on the membership link. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us. We will also have TMA sales days December 7th and 8th and 14th and 15th at the Orleans Village Pizza from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Don't forget to bring a current 2020 sled registration with you. This is a great deal, come on down for your favorite pizza and drink and get your sled ready for another fun filled season. We will also have them available at Bob's Quick Stop in Irasburg or directly from our membership agent, Gloria. You can call or email Gloria for an appointment at your convenience. There is also the VAST online option, if you were a member last year it will automatically enter you with your club. Remember that December 15th is the deadline for Early Bird TMAs, mail-ins must be postmarked no later than December 15. All Early Bird TMAs purchased from the Orleans Snowstormers will be entered in a drawing for a voucher good for a free 2021 Early Bird TMA/membership with the Orleans Snowstormers. WOW!! Winner drawn and notified in January.

We are in the process of preparing trails for the up-coming winter. A small re-route was constructed on Rt.58 in Brownington next to the Ticehurst road crossing. We have re-planked one of the twin bridges on Rt.5/58 in the Charleston area. We also have culvert replacements to be done next to the Hudson road on 5/58 next to OS-15 junction. We are in the process of building a small bridge on Rt.58, west of the groomer building to correct a dangerous water hole from last year. A landowner has requested that we replace a failed culvert on Rt.16 in Barton. We are also hoping to have time for a couple of de-brushing projects on Rt.14 in Irasburg and Rt.5 in Westmore. Recent rain event may have given us more to do, we will address this as we complete our trail prep work. PLEASE be AWARE as you ride on our trail system that their maybe some changes and follow all trail signs!!!

The Snowstormers held our 25th Annual Giveaway on October 19th at the Elks Club in Derby. Congratulations to Gaeton & Cindy Letourneau and Jim & Trish Sugden. These people had the last two tickets left in the drawing and agreed to split the two final CASH prizes, each couple went home with $2,700.00. Congratulations go out to all who went home with the many prizes donated by businesses and individuals. Gordon Brown of MUSIC MADNESS kept us rocking until midnight, what a PARTY!! A big thanks to all whom purchased the tickets. OUR NEXT EVENT will be the 25th Nicholas Gage Poker Run to be held on January 25th, 2020. First prize, $500.00 CASH!! Many other donated prizes to be announced at the event awards. We put this event on for everyone in our local communties to come out and enjoy a winter day's fun. You do not need a snowmobile or be a snowmobilier to enjoy this event. It's a great time to get out of the house and mingle with family and friends. Of course if you have a sled and we have SNOW, it's the ultimate winter day's fun.We will post in local newpapers and flyers also on our website and Facebook page. Watch for it, come and enjoy and remember, this is for everyone to enjoy. See you there!!

In the past my message has been about snowmobile safety or landowner respect and the importance of the snowmobiling for the local economy. This year I am going to touch on a matter that is of the upmost importance to the survival of our CLUB. This of course, is the need for new and younger volunteers to step forward to operate this club in the future. My wife, Gloria and I have been very actively involved with the Orleans Snowstormers for well over 20 years. I have served as your President for 16 years. Prior to that I served as Vice President and several years as a Director. I have been involved as Trail Coordinator for almost as long, managing trail projects and assorted grant paperwork and dealing with permits and what ever requirements were needed. I have also managed the groomer program for almost as long as we have had our own grooming equipment. My wife has served as Secretary for 21 years, this season, she will serve as our Treasurer. She has been the Raffle Giveaway Chair for 20 years as well as assisting with the Poker Run for about the same time. She is also the Membership Chairperson with the responsibility and accountability for all TMA and membership sales. If the club has any type of function or work date, WE ARE THERE!!! My wife and I have updated the club's documentation, modernized our trail signage and junctions. We were the first club in our County to offer a working website. We have enjoyed our time doing this and have met some wonderful people along the years. It is the interactions with all these wonderful people that has enriched our lives so much. If you are not involved with your local club, you are missing the most important aspect of snowmobiling. We have greatly enjoyed our years guiding this club into the start of the 21st century. We still enjoy what we do, however our time is growing short. Gloria and I are in our 70's and don't know how much longer we can keep up this spirited pace. I'm afraid our old hearts may not be able to keep up with so much fun. Seriously, it is time for people to step up and start to become involved in the club's operation. WE have done our part!! We have built this club up and don't want the quality we have worked so hard for to fall by the wayside. We stand ready to start to guide our replacements. If you enjoy snowmobiling in the Orleans area, we need your help now.CONTACT INFO: www.orleanssnowstormers.com, phone # (802)334-6179 **** Check us out on Facebook! HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU THIS SEASON(think snow)