Thank you for joining the Orleans Snowstormers Snowmobile Club and VAST this past season. Although this past season was disappointing, your support was crucial for our club and VAST. Many people think that because we had little or no snow this past winter, clubs and VAST had very few expenses. Every year, regardless of the winter conditions, the clubs spend untold amounts of money to prepare the wonderful trail system that everyone enjoys. Bridges to repair, washouts to fill in, trail reroutes and de-brushing have become an expensive part of preseason trail maintenance. This is your membership dues and TMA money at work. The VAST grooming fleet did little if no grooming last winter, however VAST still had obligations to pay the subsidy portion of the grooming contracts that each grooming club holds. These subsidy payments are to assure clubs that they can cover operating and maintenance cost such as groomer payments, insurance and preparations for the next season. Without this subsidy, many clubs would fold leaving big voids in the trail system. Because of the low snow last year, memberships took a dive as many simply did not join to support the system. We were down about thirty percent and that creates great financial strain on both VAST and the clubs. That is the reason we urge everyone to join early and support the system to insure the sustainability of the trail system that we all enjoy when snow finally comes. I have said it before and I still will state again: It's disappointing to have paid your membership and VAST dues and have no snow to ride, but it would be a disaster to have a beautiful snowfall and no trails because your local club has gone under or VAST had no money to be paid for grooming. At this time we would like to invite you to join us again for the upcoming season. The long forecast is calling for a colder winter with more storms and hopefully a return to a normal winter. New this year, VAST has a new 2016 Polaris 800 Indy that they will give away in January. All you have to do to be eligible for this drawing is to buy an Early Bird TMA, Military, Family TMA or get your volunteer TMA by December 15, 2016. Check the VAST website or the Snowmobile Vermont News for more info. Also, as an incentive to buy your TMA from the Orleans Snowstormers, we will be giving away a voucher for a free 2018 Early Bird TMA and membership to the Orleans Snowstormers. So, buy your Early Bird TMAs from the Orleans Snowstormers and be eligible to win a new sled from VAST and a voucher for a free 2018 Early Bird TMA and Orleans Snowstormers membership. WOW!!!

We have had a quiet summer season. After doing a huge amount of trail work last year we felt that our trails and bridges were in reasonable good shape for the upcoming winter. There will be a small change in Corridor 16 toward Barton with possible relocation of the OS 10 junction. We ask that everyone follows the trail markers and stay on the trail. We are in the process of staking our trails and might end up with some other changes, but at this time do not anticipate any more. We will be looking for some volunteers to help with trail de-brushing as the season gets underway. Give us a call or send an email if you would like to give us a hand. As always, we are looking for members who would like to get involved with club meetings and consider a position with the club. A lot of us are getting older and need to have some young blood to take over some of the responsibilities. It is not a case that we don't enjoy doing this, but that age is not on our side and need new people to get involved while we are still around to mentor our replacements. Our monthly meetings are held on the seconded Tuesday of every month, October through May at 7:pm at the Rodrigue residence in Coventry. Contact us at gramg7@live.com or call(802)334-6179 for any information you need.

The Orleans Snowstormers held the 22ND Annual Snowmobile Giveaway on October 22 at the Elks Club in Derby. After a wonderful meal served by the Elks, the drawing of the tickets began. The 50/50/ raffle winner was Irving Laware with a cash prize of $332.00. Irving very generously donated $232.00 to the club (Thanks Irving). Congratulations to Travis Gilman & Stella Smith, winners of the 2017 Polaris 550 Indy. Travis and Stella went out midway through the raffle on their ticket however they purchased chances on the 100th ticket that we raffle off after the 99th ticket is drawn. They won the raffle of the 100th ticket and that ticket was the winner of the sled. When you're lucky, you're lucky! After the winner was picked we rocked to the sound of ETA, a well-known local band. Many thanks to all who donated to make this event possible and to those who worked to carry this out, especially to our raffle chairperson Gloria Rodrigue. Our next event will be the 22nd Nicholas Gage Poker Run to be held on January 28, 2017. We will post more info on the VAST and our club website as well as local papers as time approaches. Come out and enjoy this fun filled event and to support our club.You can call us at (802)334-6179 or email( gramg7@live.com) for more info as it gets closer.

Everyone I have talked to recently is hoping for more snow this winter. The weather forecasts, if you can believe them, predict a colder winter with more storms. I know all you snowmobiliers are just "chomping at the bit" to get out there and ride. ME TOO!! Let's all remember when the snow comes to exercise some care and common sense when we head out for that first ride. Early season riding offers many challenges with low snow coverage and a lot of imperfections that have not yet received enough snow to fill in. Plus many of us have not ridden almost two years on account of the lousy season we had last year and may be a little rusty. Let's all take responsibility to keep snowmobiling fun and SAFE for everyone to enjoy. Slow down, if it takes a little longer to get where you're going, then it means you will get more minutes of real enjoyment. As you ride and enjoy this upcoming winter, remember to stop and support our local businesses that support snowmobiling. After the last winter, they could sure use it!! HOPE to see you all on the trail enjoying the sport of SNOWMOBILING.Hope everyone enjoys a safe and fun filled snowmobile season by staying alert, slow down and follow the signs we put these up for your safety !!?HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU THIS SEASON(think snow)