Thank you for making the Orleans Snowstormers your choice of snowmobile club this past season. Your support is very important in our efforts to maintain the best possible trail and riding conditions in our section of the Northeast Kingdom. Our club, with the efforts of our neighboring clubs, work hard to make Orleans County a premier riding destination. At this time, we would like to invite you to join us again for another fun filled snowmobiling season. With this letter we have provided TMA forms with the latest information for obtaining your TMAs and membership to the Orleans Snowstormers. If you need more copies, you can copy these forms or call or email and we will send you more. Make sure that you fill out all the information requested including birth date MAKE SURE THAT YOU SIGN THE FORM. You also need to send a copy of your current registration for that sled. Incomplete forms will be mailed back as all information is needed and important.You can also find forms and info on our club website (www.orleanssnowstormers.com) on the membership link. Mail us the forms and you should receive your TMAs within 10 days, it is comfortable and easy. We will also have TMA sales days December 1st and 2nd, 8th and 9th at the Orleans Village Pizza from 1:00 to 5:pm. Don't forget to bring a current sled registration with you. This is a great option, pizza and your favorite drink and get your TMA/ club membership all at once, what could be better? We will also have them available at Bob's Quick Stop in Irasburg and directly from our secretary, Gloria. You can call or email Gloria for an appointment at your convenience. There is also the VAST online option, if you were a member last year it will automatically enter you with your club. Remember that December 15th is the deadline for Early Bird TMAs, mail-ins must be postmarked no later than December 15. All Early Bird TMAs purchased from the Orleans Snowstormers will be entered in a drawing for a voucher good for a free 2020 Early Bird TMA/membership with the Orleans Snowstormers. Winner drawn in January.

We have been busy preparing for the up-coming season. Runners have been replaced on a bridge on RT.14 in Irasburg and a bridge has been totally rebuilt on RT.58 in Brownington. We have had a couple of ditching and culvert projects requested by our landowners on RT.58 in Brownington and Rt.58/5 in Charleston. We are also doing a couple of late fall de-brushing projects of RT.5 in Westmore and Rt.16C in Orleans. There could be some more last- minute changes, make sure to follow all trail signs. New this year on our trails, all road crossing will have 911 location signs. They will list name of road, town location, VAST trail RT and name of the club. This will be a big benefit for first responders in case of an emergency. Several other clubs are doing the same per recommendations from VAST. SAFTEY is of most importance for our members.

The Snowstormers held the 24th Annual Giveaway on October 20th at the Elks Club in Derby. Congratulations to Bonnie & Larry Dwyer, winners of the $5,000.00 first prize. Congratulations also to Jenifer Perron, winner of the $400.00 runner-up and to all winners of the many donated prizes given away. A big thanks to all whom purchased the tickets and the businesses and individuals who donated to this event. OUR NEXT EVENT will be the 23rd Nicholas Gage Poker Run to be held on January 26th, 2019. This is a fun day for everybody to get out and enjoy the companionship of friends and family on a winter day. You do not need a snowmobile or be a snowmobilier, this event is for everyone to have fun and win some nice prizes. We will have a $500.00 first prize and several other prizes to give away. We will post in local newpapers and flyers also on our website and Facebook page. Watch for it, come and enjoy and remember, this is for everyone to enjoy. See you there!!

I hope everyone is as excited for the up-coming snowmobile season as I am! I have been snowmobiling since 1969 and I have not missed one season, good or bad. I have tried other recreations but none of them could bring the passion that I enjoy in snowmobiling. Over the years I have learned a few "tricks" that have proved very beneficial to my enjoyment of this sport. I have learned that you don't have to go fast to get there, just drive at a steady pace. You see more of the scenery and you will not be so tired when you get there and the time difference is very minor. I have learned to stay on my side of the trail. Too many close calls on blind corners with snowmobilers who have yet to learn this "trick". This has kept me and the idiots that I have met on MY SIDE of the trail alive. I have also learned that one of the most rewarding experience in snowmobiling is getting involved in your club and volunteering for some of the many tasks involved in maintaining the trail system. You develop a friendship with the people you work with that can extend into the riding season. It extends the snowmobiling passion well past the winter season months and is a big benefit in low snow years. On a more serious note, there is one issue I would like to make people AWARE OF. OFF TRAIL RIDING!! This has been an increasing problem, several neighboring clubs have had trail closures because of this issue. In Vermont, like the rest of the New England states, trails are established on private land with landowner permission. This permission is for a TRAIL SYSTEM, not to ride all over one's property. That trail that has been marked and groomed IS THE ONLY PLACE one has LEGAL RIGHT to travel. Law enforcement has stated they will increase their efforts to enforce off-trail riding this winter. So PLEASE STAY on the trail and help us keep the trail system intact. If you get caught off-trail, it will be expensive. I want to wish everyone the best for the up-coming holiday seasons, may your lives be blessed with the best of family and friends. Let's all wish for that big snow storm on the 16th of December so we can start enjoying the sport that we like so much. Slow down, if it takes a little longer to get where you're going, then it means you will get more minutes of real enjoyment. Hope everyone enjoys a safe and fun filled snowmobile season by staying alert, slow down and follow the signs we put these up for your safety !!CONTACT INFO: www.orleanssnowstormers.com, phone # (802)334-6179 **** Check us out on Facebook! HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU THIS SEASON(think snow)